Our Wild Food Philosophy

Our Wild Food Philosophy- Bringing wildness back to life
Eating wild salmon is a holistic endeavor. It’s a celebration of wildness—nourishing, delicious wildness. For our Chinook & Company family, it involves a commitment to living in a responsible partnership with wild salmon and educating our customers on the outstanding nutritional benefits from eating wild salmon. At Chinook & Company we hope that enjoying a natural delicacy from the sea will move us all closer to our reconnection and commitment to honoring the land and water where our food derives. 

  • We are a family-owned business deeply rooted in the Alaskan fisheries experience. For four generations our family has carved out a livelihood dependent upon the wild fisheries of Alaska. Our hands-on experience and regional fisheries knowledge inspires us to share with our customers a well-researched wild Alaska seafood product line that represents exactly what ‘we would eat’.
  • We are diligently and delightfully in sync with the rapidly growing ‘real’ food movement which acknowledges both local and global initiatives that respect natural design. We do not artificially replicate, exploit or destroy, but rather we celebrate, preserve and protect the natural balance and interdependencies of sustainable food ecosystems. We do not endorse GMO foods, nor do we support farmed salmon.
  • Sourcing our wild salmon is key. Recognizing, ensuring and guaranteeing the quality of our wild salmon products stem from the importance of knowing where your fish comes from and the care given in handling it—well-managed fisheries and time sensitive processing are essential. Sourcing quality salmon from the pristine waters of Alaska is the most distinguishing aspect of our brand, both in terms of providing our customers with the finest quality seafood available and also assuring that our seafood has been responsibly harvested.
  • We care deeply about the sustainability of all wild salmon. We are fortunate to celebrate the annual return of Alaska’s gourmet delicacies from the Pacific Ocean and committed to the preservation of clean water and the protection of all watersheds that provide spawning grounds for returning runs for generations to come. 
  • Sharing the goodness!! Wild salmon is an incredibly nutritious food source. At Chinook & Company we share our knowledge of the nutritional benefits from eating wild salmon. Scientific evidence supports that a diet high in marine Omega-3s contributes to a healthy heart, mind and body. (Learn more (hyperlink to nutrition page)