Sockeye Salmon Oil Capsules 1000 mg./120 Count Jar

100% Pure. Natural Sockeye Salmon Oil provides a rich natural source of OMEGA-3’s and other fatty acids. Chinook and Company’s single species wild salmon oil supplement is unadulterated, low heat process that is uniquely distinguishable by its naturally reddish color, carotenoid and antioxidant ASTAXANTHIN.

 Our current stock has a best-before-date of October 31, 2020.  We have cut prices in half while awaiting the encapsulation of a new batch of oil over the next 8 -10 weeks.  This is a good opportunity to try out our premium product.  It does lose potency slowly over time after the best-before-date. It's a great opportunity to try a 3-pack and share with a family member.  

SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED in Bristol Bay, Alaska, our wild salmon oil is procured from the largest regional run of wild sockeye salmon in the world.

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